Flipping fast food on its head! We serve raw organic vegan SLOW food, fast! A lifestyle that doesn't cost the Earth.

Serving organically inspired, locally produced, vegan & raw slow food, fast! At the core of MANA! is a handmade brick oven baking wholesome flatbreads we have dubbed “FLATS”.

Wrapped & conveniently served in our signature paper-only Eco- packaging together with a mouthwatering selection of homemade real foods. MANA! introducing a new way of eating healthy wholesome organic fast food on the go.

Food & Lifestyle that doesn’t cost the Earth & certainly inspires Change.


There is a tribe of people from all races, creeds & colours coming together under one banner: Mother Earth. We are united by a deep heartfelt knowing & understanding of what on earth is going on today: Global environmental crisis. We are armed with knowledge & wisdom, full of compassion & we know what time it is: Now!

We are eco warriors & cultural creatives, change makers & peaceful revolutionaries on a mission aligned to our passion and striving towards a wholistic vision for all of humanity & the rest of creation… Why survive when we can thrive?

Do you resonate with this? Are you part of this tribe?

Join us! The revolution is alive & well in the heart of Hong Kong. One love.



Join the MANA! Tribe
and start EARNING rewards!

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  • January 11 - Friday: MANA! Celebrates 1 Million Flats Sold

  • February 5 - Tuesday: Lunar New Year

  • March 11 - Monday: MANA! 7 Years Young

  • April 22 & 23 - Monday & Tuesday: Earth Day

  • May 23 - Thursday: World Turtle Day

  • June 5 - Wednesday: World Environment Day

  • July 30 - Tuesday: World Friendship Day

  • August 26 - Monday: Celebrating Women's Equality

  • September 21 - Saturday: World Peace Day

  • October 16 - Wednesday: World Food Day

  • November 1 - Friday: World Vegan Day

  • December 5 - Thursday: World Soil Day



Mana! Tribe Card Loyalty Programme FAQ

1. How does the MANA! Tribe Card work?

It’s as easy as registering a loaded MANA! Tribe Card at any MANA! location & paying with your Card to earn points. You present the registered MANA! Tribe Card when making a Purchase at any MANA! location, & the total amount of the Purchase will be recorded in your MANA! account.


For every HK$1 of purchases recorded in your MANA! Tribe account, one complimentary point will be recorded in that MANA! Tribe account.


2. What happened to the 5% discount?

As of 19th March 2018, the 5% discount on food items will be replaced by 5% credit to your membership in the form of loyalty points. We believe that this programme creates a better experience for members, as this gives you an opportunity to try many more MANA! menu items that you haven’t been able to before.


3. How do I redeem the offers?

Just tell our team member you’d like to redeem your reward & you may simply present your registered MANA! Tribe Card. Besides, you must fully pay for the transaction (except redeeming free rewards) with your registered MANA! Tribe Card in order to earn or redeem the rewards.


4. Why is registration necessary in order to join the programme?

When you register your MANA! Tribe Card, you provide contact information so we can send you benefits like special & exclusive offers. Additionally, by registering your card, you receive balance protection in case your card is ever lost or stolen. Please note: a valid email address, birth month & mobile number is required when registering your card.


5. What is a point & how do I earn one?


You will earn points & receive in-store benefits for every HK$1 of purchases recorded with your MANA! Tribe Card at participating MANA! stores in Hong Kong.


6. How are points earned?

A point will be awarded for every HK$1 you have spent with any of MANA! stores in Hong Kong.


7. Can the points in my account be transferred to someone else

Sorry, memberships & points are non-transferable & cannot be shared with family members, friends & others. Invite them to join The Tribe!


8. How many rewards can I redeem on one order?

One reward per transaction/receipt.


9. Is there a fee to join MANA! Tribe?

No, there is no membership fee to join the MANA! Tribe. The card is free with a minimum HK$100 top-up. All you have to do is register your loaded MANA! Tribe Card & you will be entered into the program.


For anyone who paid the non-refundable HK$100 before March 2018, we will happily credit HK$100 worth of points to your account.


10. Is there an expiration date on points in my MANA! Tribe account?

There is no expiration date on any of the amount stored, so you won’t have to worry about running out of time to use up the stored value in your MANA! Tribe Card.


11. Do I have to bring my card to earn points?

At the moment, you will need to present the card at the time of purchase in order for us to log your points.


12. Any minimum / maximum value per card?

The minimum amount required for the initial purchase / activate of the card & enrol in the MANA! Tribe Loyalty program is HK$100. The maximum amount that can be added at one time & subsequent increment each MANA! Tribe card is HK$7,500.


13. Are there any other perks to being a member?

●      Free monthly offerings at our community events

●      Birthday cake on your special day

●      A chance to win FREE MANA! Merchandise twice per month

●      Subscription to our newsletter

●      Special outings, events, happenings & other perks from time to time...


14. What if I lose my MANA! Tribe Card?

If your card is registered, your membership in the MANA! Tribe & any remaining card balance will be protected at the time you notify us of its loss. We’ll freeze your remaining balance at the time you report your card as lost or stolen, transfer it to one of your registered cards in your account or a new MANA! Tribe Card & ask you to come to the Central location for the replacement – without hassles or fees. You may contact us through our Customer Care Hotline: Hong Kong: (+852) 2559-7570 or send email to .


15. How does MANA! protect my privacy after I register my MANA! Tribe Card?

Please read our Privacy Policy for details.


16. What if my Point balance doesn’t look right? Who do I contact?

We want to make sure the balance on your account reflects your purchases accurately. If the total number of points doesn’t appear to be correct, please contact our Customer Care Hotline: Hong Kong:  (+852) 2559-7570.


17. How do I check the value or point balance on my Card?

Just ask a team member at any MANA! locations. They will happily let you know.


MANA! Central (Craft-Transparent)-01.png


92 Wellington Street, 
Central, Hong Kong

(+852) 2851 1611

10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Weekdays

10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Weekends & PH

MANA! Poho (Craft-Transparent)-01.png


8 Tai On Terrace, 
Poho, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

(+852) 2347 8555

 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


MANA! Starstreet (Craft-Transparent)-01.png

MANA! Starstreet

8-10 Queen’s Rd. East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

(+852) 5501 7591

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Weekdays

10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Weekends & PH