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Bobsy Blog 2018 No. 8: World Peace Day

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We often think, that we seem to be the only ones who care about the state of our Planet & the well fare of its animals & Eco-systems… We wonder why others don’t seem to notice the injustice & the madness of our societal ways… Or don’t even seem to care!

We wonder why mainstream media doesn’t report the truth of what on Earth is going on…!?

We despair at how there can be such a lack of awareness about things that really & truly matter to everyone, such as our Oceans, our soils, our forests, the air we breathe & the foundations of Life that belong to everyone & no one….!?

Yet, in spite of all of this pain & frustration that we can feel…, there is hope!

In fact there is a lot of hope & lots of good news too.

Did you know, that there are almost 1 Billion people in the world today that feel the way you do!!

That is almost 1 in every 8 people now, are waking up to what really matters globally & are voicing their feelings in the most creative ways, change makers & activists, poets & artists, children & students, housewives & unemployed, scientists & doctors, engineers & designers, politicians & legislators, mothers & fathers, grandparents too… There is a global awakening equal to a GLOBAL MIND CHANGE sweeping across all of our institutions, education, health, medicine, business & even law.

And this shift is happening whether we are aware of it or not, it is a paradigm change like one never experienced before, not on this scale. A truly global transformation that is taking place in every corner of the world, and not limited to a particular civilisation or country as has happened in the past, but one that is felt internally by peoples from all races, creeds & colours.

One who feels it knows it. And we are feeling this in our guts, where it really matters.

If you, like me, are aware of these changes that are happening, in spite of all the doom & gloom (business-as-usual), then you are a CULTURAL CREATIVE & are one of the hundreds of millions of us who are shifting our consciousness & are moving away from the outdated MATERIALISM PARADIGM WORLDVIEW that has dominated life for the last 5,000 years plus (maybe even longer?)… & are evolving towards a CONSCIOUSNESS PARADIGM WORLDVIEW… That sees all of creation, the Uni-Verse (= one song) interconnected as one great whole made out of Consciousness, the building block of creation & NOT MATTER. Consciousness before matter.

All is One is All.

Worldviews (or Paradigms or Zeitgeists) are tricky things you see & most of us live our entire lives without realising that we are not only living within one, but our thoughts, views & visions are shaped & trapped within them. This is the PERENNIAL WISDOM OF THE ANCIENTS.

Just like fish are unaware of the water in which they swim, humans are equally not aware of the worldview into which they are born.

So, You Are Not Alone!

May there be Peace in our Hearts, may there be Peace in our Minds, may there be Peace in our homes, may there be peace in our communities, may there be Peace in our countries & MAY THERE BE PEACE IN OUR WORLD. The choice is ours.

Until soon

Bobsy Gaia

Founder MANA!

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