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Blog 2018 No. 6: MANA! Kombucha

Okay, so to be honest, I used to think kombucha was all hype. I thought it was just one of those health trends that would come & go. That was until I really tried it for myself.

I used to always feel lethargic & uneasy when I traveled. So I picked up a bottle of kombucha at the Los Angeles airport recently to take on the plane with me. No joke, one sip of the bubbly fermented tea & it was like magic. My discomfort was gone. The kombucha did wonders for me!

So, I started drinking it regularly when I got back to Hong Kong. Bye bye upset tummy & digestive issues.

What is kombucha exactly? It’s a fermented tea full of healthy probiotics that are especially great for your gut. It helps with fatigue & headaches, strengthens your immune system, & even alleviates food allergy issues. As someone who has no shame admitting I’ve had digestive problems in the past, I swear by how amazing kombucha is. Different cultures have been consuming fermented food & drinks like kombucha for ages. It’s about time we caught on!

You can grab a bottle of BlissfulBom Booch kombucha at both MANA! locations. Or even better, you can get it on tap! Bring your own bottle & you’ll even get 10% off.  #drinklikeitmatters & bring a reusable for #zerowaste 

Since I don’t drink alcohol, this is the coolest thing ever to me. There’s the Classic Original, Pineapple & Lemongrass & the Lavender Lemonade which you can only get at MANA! Café.

I am secretly excited for a new flavor coming out on tap Mid - August!!!

How cool would it be to be able to order kombucha on tap instead of beer at a bar? A girl can dream. At least MANA! is getting us there.

By: Laura Fairchild
A Sunshine Mission

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