Flipping fast food on its head! We serve raw organic vegan SLOW food, fast! A lifestyle that doesn't cost the Earth.

Serving organically inspired, locally produced, vegan & raw slow food, fast! At the core of MANA! is a handmade brick oven baking wholesome flatbreads we have dubbed “FLATS”.

Wrapped & conveniently served in our signature paper-only Eco- packaging together with a mouthwatering selection of homemade real foods. MANA! introducing a new way of eating healthy wholesome organic fast food on the go.

Food & Lifestyle that doesn’t cost the Earth & certainly inspires Change.

From the Founder of MANA! Ending 2018 & Welcoming 2019

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2018… Alignment & Sprouting…

So, if 2017 was a year of PATIENCE & 2018 was a year where the fruits of patience were rewarded with a little sprouting, then 2019 is going to be a year of GROWTH.

I can’t help but use farming analogies to capture the essence of these fleeting yet poignant years here. Farming is such a noble vocation, sadly neglected & relegated to poverty in the last 200 years or so, since the ‘industrial revolution’, yet being revived & honoured once again, as we finally wake up to our folly of industrial agriculture, intensive chemical farming, toxic & contaminated food, GMO, GEO & the likes, and bring back the honour once given to noble famers that sustain us & nourish us. Farming teaches us PATIENCE, RESPECT, HUMILITY & WONDER. And so, being an Ecopreneur running an entrepreneurship in this city of ours one can learn a lot from the honourable tradition of farming. 

Hence my use of PATIENCE to sum up 2017… & SPROUTING to sum up 2018…which naturally leads on to GROWTH for 2019…

I am excited about 2019. This is a feeling that has been rather dimmed down in the last 3 years or so, but 2019 promises more optimism & an attitude of “yes let’s make it happen“ & at MANA! we are very excited indeed about this coming year. In 2018 we aligned & invested in new & much needed infrastructure with our 3,000sqft new production kitchen in WCH & a move to our new offices, that is happening as I write, as well as an overall alignment of our operations & team members as we ready for 2019… We have a few surprises up our sleeves for this coming year including an amazing happening on 11th of January at MANA! Central to celebrate our 1 Millionth Flat sold!!, a new large MANA! next Summer with indoor seating somewhere very prominent & accessible, as well as the launch of our new aligned MANA! Logo… So keep a little eye here & enjoy the ride with us as we showcase what building a unique BRAND from scratch in HK, for HK & by HK means. 

URNA! - You Are Not Alone! 

“ There is no culture left in commercial agriculture. “ 

An apt quote from URNA! that snugs in perfectly with this year’s end message above. 

It is high time we brought culture back into our World’s Food Systems for without food we cannot thrive, let alone survive. 

Until soon…


Bobsy Blog 2018 No. 9: MANA! Founded 11.11.11...

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So, our founding day is 11.11.11. In other words we were founded on the 11th of November 2011. How magical! Indeed, we couldn’t have planned it better even if we had tried to. Yet, somehow we managed to sit down on that poignant day & visualise our vision for MANA! & even meditate for 11 minutes at 11:11 that same very day. However, it was not for another 4 months that our original MANA! Fast Slow Food would open its rustic doors on the 1st of March 2012… & the rest, as they say, is history.

11:11 is indeed a magical number, deeply connected to the intuition & in Sacred Geometry is seen as a conduit or a doorway connecting the above with below & the visible with the invisible… (a big subject) But, and more importantly for me, it is a moment, one minute twice a day to be present, say a prayer, send a blessing to loved ones, for World Peace or anything you wish.

A chance to be fully present for 60 seconds twice everyday. Don’t waste such precious time, it is a gift to be gifted forwards.

The digits 11:11 you will now start noticing more often, so enjoy & spread the LOVE.

Bobsy Blog 2018 No. 8: World Peace Day

Peace Dove-01.png

We often think, that we seem to be the only ones who care about the state of our Planet & the well fare of its animals & Eco-systems… We wonder why others don’t seem to notice the injustice & the madness of our societal ways… Or don’t even seem to care!

We wonder why mainstream media doesn’t report the truth of what on Earth is going on…!?

We despair at how there can be such a lack of awareness about things that really & truly matter to everyone, such as our Oceans, our soils, our forests, the air we breathe & the foundations of Life that belong to everyone & no one….!?

Yet, in spite of all of this pain & frustration that we can feel…, there is hope!

In fact there is a lot of hope & lots of good news too.

Did you know, that there are almost 1 Billion people in the world today that feel the way you do!!

That is almost 1 in every 8 people now, are waking up to what really matters globally & are voicing their feelings in the most creative ways, change makers & activists, poets & artists, children & students, housewives & unemployed, scientists & doctors, engineers & designers, politicians & legislators, mothers & fathers, grandparents too… There is a global awakening equal to a GLOBAL MIND CHANGE sweeping across all of our institutions, education, health, medicine, business & even law.

And this shift is happening whether we are aware of it or not, it is a paradigm change like one never experienced before, not on this scale. A truly global transformation that is taking place in every corner of the world, and not limited to a particular civilisation or country as has happened in the past, but one that is felt internally by peoples from all races, creeds & colours.

One who feels it knows it. And we are feeling this in our guts, where it really matters.

If you, like me, are aware of these changes that are happening, in spite of all the doom & gloom (business-as-usual), then you are a CULTURAL CREATIVE & are one of the hundreds of millions of us who are shifting our consciousness & are moving away from the outdated MATERIALISM PARADIGM WORLDVIEW that has dominated life for the last 5,000 years plus (maybe even longer?)… & are evolving towards a CONSCIOUSNESS PARADIGM WORLDVIEW… That sees all of creation, the Uni-Verse (= one song) interconnected as one great whole made out of Consciousness, the building block of creation & NOT MATTER. Consciousness before matter.

All is One is All.

Worldviews (or Paradigms or Zeitgeists) are tricky things you see & most of us live our entire lives without realising that we are not only living within one, but our thoughts, views & visions are shaped & trapped within them. This is the PERENNIAL WISDOM OF THE ANCIENTS.

Just like fish are unaware of the water in which they swim, humans are equally not aware of the worldview into which they are born.

So, You Are Not Alone!

May there be Peace in our Hearts, may there be Peace in our Minds, may there be Peace in our homes, may there be peace in our communities, may there be Peace in our countries & MAY THERE BE PEACE IN OUR WORLD. The choice is ours.

Until soon

Bobsy Gaia

Founder MANA!

Blog 2018 No. 7: Naked Burger

I’ve only had a naked burger maybe once before, back when I was living in Los Angeles. I would say the biggest pro of a naked burger is they are about a million times lighter.

What’s a naked burger exactly? It’s the same as a regular burger but with lettuce instead of a bun. What’s special about the MANA! naked burger is that the burger patty is wrapped in a swiss chard leaf.

I love the taste of swiss chard. Similar to kale & known to be one of the most nutritious vegetables out there. It helps regulate your blood sugar, works as an antioxidant, & keeps your bones healthy. Also, if you’re paleo or grain-free, then the #mananakeburger is perfect for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the MANA! gluten-friendly burger bun. Though sometimes I’m craving just the patty on its own. You can get any MANA! burger patty & make it naked. If you’re wanting a lighter meal or a snack between meals, then the naked burger is the way to go. A great to choice to add some chips & MANA!s infamous vegan dips!

Last time I had it, I went for the naked burger & their hand cut potatoes tossed in zaatar with garlicnaise. The naked burger was really tasty, albeit a little bit messy to be honest. But so totally worth it. No bun no problem!

By: Laura Fairchild
A Sunshine Mission

Blog 2018 No. 6: MANA! Kombucha

Okay, so to be honest, I used to think kombucha was all hype. I thought it was just one of those health trends that would come & go. That was until I really tried it for myself.

I used to always feel lethargic & uneasy when I traveled. So I picked up a bottle of kombucha at the Los Angeles airport recently to take on the plane with me. No joke, one sip of the bubbly fermented tea & it was like magic. My discomfort was gone. The kombucha did wonders for me!

So, I started drinking it regularly when I got back to Hong Kong. Bye bye upset tummy & digestive issues.

What is kombucha exactly? It’s a fermented tea full of healthy probiotics that are especially great for your gut. It helps with fatigue & headaches, strengthens your immune system, & even alleviates food allergy issues. As someone who has no shame admitting I’ve had digestive problems in the past, I swear by how amazing kombucha is. Different cultures have been consuming fermented food & drinks like kombucha for ages. It’s about time we caught on!

You can grab a bottle of BlissfulBom Booch kombucha at both MANA! locations. Or even better, you can get it on tap! Bring your own bottle & you’ll even get 10% off.  #drinklikeitmatters & bring a reusable for #zerowaste 

Since I don’t drink alcohol, this is the coolest thing ever to me. There’s the Classic Original, Pineapple & Lemongrass & the Lavender Lemonade which you can only get at MANA! Café.

I am secretly excited for a new flavor coming out on tap Mid - August!!!

How cool would it be to be able to order kombucha on tap instead of beer at a bar? A girl can dream. At least MANA! is getting us there.

By: Laura Fairchild
A Sunshine Mission

Blog 2018 No. 5: MANA! Kinda Cookie

Soft, chewy, & dense, the new MANA! vegan kinda cookie is everything I’d dreamed it’d be & more. I mean, let’s be real, I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth ever. I love baking vegan desserts at home & consider myself a vegan dessert connoisseur. Having traveled all over the world in search of the best vegan desserts, I’ve tried just about every vegan sweet treat under the sun. Just ask my fiancé, who always jokes that I’m vegan just so I can eat sweets all the time (which is so not true!).

But enough about me, let’s talk about this cookie. The first bite I had was just “wow”. There’s not better way to describe it than simply awesome. The ratio of cookie to chocolate chips was spot on. It’s just the right amount of sweet. The cookie is naturally sweetened with dates & brown sugar by the way which I love. I think the soft texture really won me over. I’m a soft cookie over crunchy cookie gal for sure.

And it doesn’t taste healthy at all, even though there’s no dairy or eggs in it. I swear if you ate it & nobody told you it was vegan, you wouldn’t even be able to tell!

There’s a big size & a small size. But let’s just say, the #kindacookie is so yummy that even after eating the large one, I wanted to go back for more. It’s #kindabigdeal.

By: Laura Fairchild
A Sunshine Mission

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